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The recruitment industry is a complex one with ever changing dynamics. In this piece we will look at some of the dark truths or rather some of the confessions made my recruiters from all across the world as well as some relevant statistics of the industry.

  1. The avera...

Acing a job interview is not as difficult as we think it to be. Let us start by getting to know some of the common non-verbal mistakes made at a job interview.

January 18, 2017

The person who reads our resume often wishes that we knew what they think while they read our resumes. Almost every recruiter goes through the same or at least similar aggravations. After speaking to quite a few recruiters here is the knowledge I have gathered. It is s...

Ever wonder why you lost that opportunity in spite of everything going amazing? Ever question why the person sitting next to you bagged the job and you did not? Ever question why you cannot seem to be able to get that promotion? Well, it maybe because you are scaring a...

The evolution of a resume was first chronologically authored by Todd Lempicke in a "History of the Resume" The technique by which a resume is crafted has drast.


There's a great challenge facing business today: a basic shift in employment expectations both from the employee's and the company's perspectives. Both "the right person" and "the right job" are being redefined by changing values.”

Teresa J. Blandford, Vice President,


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