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 Resume  Writing Services

Do you fear that your dream job will remain just that, a dream? Are you looking for a magic potion that will end your miseries? Are you done with being an adult whose work life is not what it should be? Worry not! We have got something for you. Well, not a magic potion. But something more practical and believable- resume writing services. Your chances of bagging a job can depend on only 10 seconds! Yes, you read it right. So, if you want to create an everlasting impression on your employer, invest those 10 seconds in the best.  

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We advise you to start being more spiritual. Yes, your resume is your sacred document. In case, you wanted to visit the pandits of resume writing, destiny has brought you to the right place. To surprise your employers we have a variety of expert resume writing services to offer.


  • Visual resume designing service

  • Infographic resume designing service (Yes, they are quite different from Visual Resumes.)

  • Cover letter writing service

  • Personal website designing service

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Visual Resume 


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Visual Resumes


Our brains process images much better than words. When you have 10 seconds in your hand, you will create the maximum impact by using visual resumes. Clear, lucid and compelling images makes the employer wonder, ‘‘this person should definitely be given a chance’’. Resume writing is an art, but crafting visual resumes is even more complicated.  Since we mentioned, all your worries will end now, we have terrific (try it yourself) visual resume designing services!


Our team of professional visual resume designers, make sure your resume is worth a read, and not dull enough to put your employer in a slumber. So excite your employer, keep him hooked not only for 10 seconds but unless they learn your resume.

Minimal Visual Resumes 

If you believe in less is more, and minimalism is your style, you should opt for minimal visual resumes. It has a perfect balance of minimal graphics, crisp formatting, and the most befitting content placement. Go ahead, let your visual resume reflect your personal style, and let your phone be bombarded with interview calls.


With our professional resume editing services, we make sure to transform your resume into a minimal yet classy visual resume.

Suggested Profiles Examples:

Real Estate Agents, Consumer Product Managers, Software Engineers, Naval Officers, Business Development Executives, etc.

Price starts at Rs.3,000

Creative Visual Resumes 

When you work in a creative industry, your resume should be absolutely creative, and full of crackling ideas that flow all over it. Employers in the creative industry are sick of reading “creative” as a skill. If you can’t show it to them, they won’t believe you. With a professional base and creative garnishing, these resumes taste refreshing when served with stellar ideas.


Suggested Profiles Examples:

Content Writers, Social Media Marketing Managers, Bloggers, Fashion Designers, Advertising Specialists, Event Managers, Interior Designers, etc.

Price starts at Rs.4,000

Info-graphic Resumes 

How passionate are you about your work and how committed are you to great detailing, all gets reflected in your resume. Resume writing for info-graphic resumes are done in a way that the

info-graphs come alive and speak for you.


Suggested Profiles Examples:

Media Artists, Game Designers, Models, Actors, Art Directors, Website Designers, Architects, Photographers, etc.

Price starts at Rs.6,000

Cover Letters

Price starts at Rs.1,000

If a resume is your sacred document, a cover letter is a mantra you have to chant every time you present your resume to the Gods (read employers). Many of us make the mistake of treating cover letter writing as something completely unnecessary or barely important. But your employers can even reject your resumes based on your cover letter. Crisp, focused and interesting, a cover letter forces the employer to open your resume and read it thoroughly. With our professional resume writing service, we make sure that each cover letter keeps the tone, culture, and nature of the organization in mind. Your resume is not your first impression, the first line of your cover letter is. Luckily, we are here to help you glide your way to your dream job with superlative cover letter writing service.


Along with our resume editing services, get your first step right with a promising cover letter. Let your employee be compelled to read your resume. Make an everlasting impression, even before your employer meets you!


LinkedIn Profiles

Price starts at Rs.1,200

A well-designed LinkedIn profile has become indispensable nowadays. Every smart employer maps down the candidate’s LinkedIn profile. Whether you are constantly adding new skills to your kitty, being recommended, referred often or not; all of this places a pivotal role. Though all the social media accounts are acquiring more importance by each passing day, but your LinkedIn account must be perfectly framed.

Since we are the second most populated nation, your LinkedIn account might get lost in the crowd and stand just like one in the many. But at Resume Vogue, we make sure that the employers get amused by your LinkedIn profile, admit how much an interesting asset you would be to their organization, and mark your name with a gold star.


Personal Websites

Price starts at Rs.8,000

 “Will you be the one waiting to get a job, or be a brand every employer wants to acquire?”

A website helps your personal brand get stronger by providing you with a platform to prove your worth. A website believes action speak louder than words and amplifies your online presence too.


Exhibit your work in your favour, let your work speak, and bag your dream job without a series of comprehensive tests. Make the most of the creative freedom a website offers, which cannot be found in resume writing.


With Resume Vogue, live in 2017, get a website that talks to your employer, makes him contact you, and say, “Welcome abode!” 

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