10 Quick Facts About the Recruitment Industry

10 Quick Facts About the Recruitment Industry

The recruitment industry is a complex one with ever changing dynamics. In this piece we will look at some of the dark truths or rather some of the confessions made my recruiters from all across the world as well as some relevant statistics of the industry.

  1. The average amount of time spent on skimming a resume is 5 to 7 seconds. The maximum time spent on skimming is 20 seconds. Thus, it is very important that the important points be highlighted.

  2. There are only 17% chances of a cover letter being read. This, however, does not mean that cover letters are not important. Cover letters make a resume look more professional.

  3. Presence of even one spelling or grammatical error may result in the rejection of the application. Recruiters give immense importance to proper crafting a resumes because it is the first impression they get.

  4. 68% of the employers will look up the job seeker on Facebook for background checks. It is always advisable to have a separate official account on Facebook for this purpose.

  5. 76% of the resumes are ignored if the applicant’s email id is unprofessional. For example, an email ID like cutegirljenn@xyz.com may very well end up getting ignored. This is because such a mail ID does not create the best of impressions.

  6. An average of 250 resumes are received per job position. Therefore, drafting of a proper resume plays a significant role in securing a job.

  7. 89% of businesses had planned to use social media networks for recruitment in 2011. Out of this 89%, 86% went with LinkedIn. Social media has started playing an important role in the recruitment process.

  8. There is a chance of rejection of 88% if a CV contains a picture of the applicant. Therefore it is advisable not to attach a picture. If a picture is attached, it must be a professionally clicked passport size picture of good quality and not just a scanned copy of an old picture.

  9. 1 out of 3 employers are said to have rejected candidates based on something they found about them online. Hence, maintaining online profiles for work purposes is very necessary in today’s digital world.

  10. 427K CVs are posted on Monster every week. That is a huge number and only a fraction of those ends up getting a job.

It is difficult for recruiters to select candidates because they get loads of applications to choose from. Matching of proper skill set with the correct job is not an easy one. The first impression i.e. a resume goes a long way in determining who should get a job offer.

In addition to the resume, maintaining professional accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also play an important role because employers often make background checks. Even if a separate account isn’t maintained, having a presentable account helps the employer to form an opinion about the job seeker.

(The figures in this article have been taken from www.granth.com and the estimates can be considered fairly accurate.)

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