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6 Ways Candidates Can Set Themselves Apart

September 15, 2017

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10 Quick Tips on How-to Accessorize Your Interview Apparel to Perfection

July 22, 2017


Every morning you wake up and get ready to go for work; and every morning you are faced with the tough decision whether to accessorize or not. You are always caught in a tiff between improvising on your dressing or maintaining uniformity. These tips will help you through:


1.     Trim your nails and clean them well. For all the ladies, out there, choose a subtle nail paint colour rather than a bright and funky one.


2.     If you choose to wear a tie or scarf, opt for one with neat repeating patterns or a traditionally striped tie in mute neutral colours.


3.     Gentlemen should ensure that there is minimal amount of gel or oil in the hair.


4.     If you need to colour your hair, choose natural colours.


5.     Make sure your hair is manageable and you don’t spend time attending to it throughout the



6.     Use a mild perfume/talc rather than a strong one. You never know if an interviewer is allergic to strong scents.


7.     Ladies are suggested to keep their make-up light and minimal. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help you get this right.


8.     Gentlemen are advised to trim their beard well or opt for a clean-shaven look.


9.     Classic black/brown shoe