Beautiful Resume Inspiration to take into 2016

We are nearing the end of another year and some of us may have made up our mind to move on and achieve greater success in our professional field. Now, what is vital for a job search? You guessed right, a resume. A resume is a door on which opportunity knocks, so why not help opportunity pick your door by making efforts to make your door more desirable and appealing. 2015 saw some remarkable resume templates that boast of wooing recruiters in the finest of companies and landing some their dream jobs. Here are some to draw inspiration from

Clean and Crisp A resume is not a puzzle. A no-nonsense resume style that is easy to read, understand and appealing to the eye throughout the format, brought itself out in 2015. Skip the fancy language for precise clear information about yourself that will help the recruiter choose you.

Classic Elegance Stay clear from the over the top creative resumes. Understated resumes with just the correct amount flair are what stands out in the most subtle way. Classic fonts and graphics, sober colours and pleasing layout all characterize this style.

Basically Minimal Limit yourself to just one font and page and your resume will stand a fairer chance at getting more attention than the busy clustered pages begging for the recruiters attention. Keep the text minimal without compromising on vital information, placing information strategically to grab maximum attention.​

Info-graphic Resume Who doesn't like info-graphics? They are fun and engaging. Why not structure your data into an info-graphic resume? Stay on point with employment at the center. Use a few carefully chosen charts and graphics and you are sure to impress any potential employer.

Industry Ode Take special care to draw inspiration from your field of work and bring some personality into your resume. A florist can include some floral motives into their resume while a content writer can build around their favourite quote. The idea is to include elements of your industry into your resume to strike a personal cord with the recruiter.

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