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6 Ways Candidates Can Set Themselves Apart

September 15, 2017

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10 Signs You need to Invest in a New Resume

February 10, 2016


It’s that time of the year when more than some of us are sulking after a horrible appraisal and are more than sure that we need a new job. Being totally bummed will not help, shake it off and fire a round of resumes to some juicy new prospective employers instead! But first, let’s get that resume ready to hook you that elusive interview.

Whether you need to invest in professional help or invest your own time, here are 10 signs your resume needs to be worked on before you send it out.


1. It was last updated in 2012

Trends change, personal details change and job markets change. Yes, you need a resume change too! Look up some modern resume templates and draw some inspiration from them. Spend some time crafting a resume you feel proud and confident to hand out. Make sure it is up to date and in sync with the times.


2. It still has an “Objective”

Let’s be honest here. No one cares. For an employer it’s pure business. No one cares about YOUR objective or personal goals in life. Employers are simply looking for what to gain out of you, so think in terms of replacing the “objective” with something more effective such as a “personal statement” outlining your key skills and explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the job position.


3. It states a “Declaration”

Seriously, who even started this trend? A resume has to, by all means, be a true and honest representation of your educational and professional history without having to make a formal declaration/oath of its credibility. Omit it, please. Now!


4. You still add a signature at the end

We all know that this is the digital age where jobs are applied for online. Not only is it terribly inconvenient but also redundant to add a signature at the end of your resume. A PDF file, of your resume, should be enough to rise to the ocassion.


5. It is more than 2 pages long