How much is your Resume really worth?

Have you ever wondered how much your resume is worth? Or put a real value on it?

Given that recruiters only scan through your resume for not longer than a meager 6 seconds before they arrive at a conclusion if you are a candidate worthy of interviewing, ask yourself how much do you think these 2 pages are even worth. I have often got answers varying from “a lot” to “it’s just a tool”, but the truth is it depends on the job the resume helps you score and more importantly how much that jobs helps you make. If it lands you a job of say Rs.10 lakhs per annum and considering you work there for at least 10 years, your resume is worth in the least an astonishing Rs.1 Crore. Take a moment to let that sink in for a moment.

The resumes that you casually copy and edit right off the internet or even worse from a close buddy who has in turn knocked his/hers off the internet, are worth a whole Rs.1 Crore. Now would you carelessly go about making one while binge watching television? I really hope not.

Resumes are a marketing tool that are crucial in landing you that interview. Make sure yours is at the top of the league and spotlessly precise. It may not be the only factor that will land you a job but it certainly is one of the most important ones.

Recruiters see hundreds of resumes per job vacancy and they need to make quick judgements at the first look and scan of a resume. First impressions are the last impressions so make sure your resume makes the best first impression ever.

A well formatted, easy to read and error free resume indicates not only the effort one has put into their resume but also helps you come across as an intellectual and well-organized individual. An offhand and slack resume, ridden with errors, will land you in the bin within the first 2 seconds.

Need help crafting the perfect resume? Resume Vogue is at your service.

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