Changing Expectations in the Employment Process

There's a great challenge facing business today: a basic shift in employment expectations both from the employee's and the company's perspectives. Both "the right person" and "the right job" are being redefined by changing values.”

Teresa J. Blandford, Vice President,

Corporate Human Resources COBE Laboratories, Inc.

For the most part, in this piece we are going to concentrate on how an employer’s expectations have changed and how we can bridge this gap between employers and employees. India is a labour extensive country and the level of competition here is unimaginable. Therefore, we can say that employees face a more difficult situation than employers.

How do employers asses candidates even before physically meeting them?

Now, this is a question most of us have at the back of our minds when we apply for a job. Knowing the answer to this question makes the whole interview process, as well as the preparation before the call for the interview, that much easier. So, let us look into what the basic points are, which are considered by employers, while evaluating aspiring employees.

The first step in the whole process is having a proper resume along with a cover letter. An employer’s first image of an aspirant is his/her resume. Keep in mind that the assessor has not seen you before and that your first impression is your resume. Selecting candidates on the basis of their resume is the first step in the screening process. Having a proper resume is of utmost importance. Resume Vogue is a premiere company which helps young aspirants in crafting their first impression. Around 60% of the screening gets completed in the first stage itself.

In today’s world it is not sufficient if one is only commendable at his/her work. He needs to be able to surpass the initial hurdles and tests to get to the point to show that he can bring something new and wanted to the table.

The next thing companies do these days before giving a call to job mongers is that they look into their LinkedIn Profiles or such online professional profiles through which they can form an overall opinion about the applicant. Making profiles in a harum scarum manner doesn’t help his/her case. Professional services often help in the bridging of the gap.

Previously, an interview process started when an employer physically met the applicant but now things have changed. An aspirant has to pass the initial screenings to even get a call for an interview. The process has not become difficult but it does require immense strategic planning and coherence. That is where the role of professional companies come in. One must evolve and accustom oneself to the changing times.

It has become difficult for employers to choose because the pool of desirable labour force in the market has increased ten folds and the steps that are conducted before a physical interview help them assign the right work to the right people.

The relevance of resumes, CVs, cover letters, professional profiles, etc. in today’s market is enormous and young applicants must keep that in mind while preparing their resumes. Companies expect their employees to be able to showcase themselves whenever and wherever necessary as they carry the company’s name on them. Therefore, being able to showcase oneself through his/her resume or other such documents is very desirable and helpful during the employment process.

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