Secrets to a Great Resume backed by Psychology

Before a prospective employer calls you for an interview, your resume does most of the talking about your personality and work. Therefore, it's extremely essential to have a resume that makes them want to meet you and be associated with you.

Here are a few secret tips and tricks that can make your resume stand out, having a psychological reasoning:

1) Quantify your accomplishments and impact

Whenever you mention details of any past work experience, also mention your contribution in terms of numbers.

Reasoning: Greek philosopher Aristotle describe three pillars of persuasion - ethos, pathos and logos; Logos, meaning logical evidence, has the most impact when persuading someone. Therefore, having numbers in your resume helps you stand out.

2) Make your interests and hobbies as unique as possible

It is mostly towards the end of your resume that you would list your interests and hobbies. Keeping them standard would make it really boring. However, listing them in a unique way can strike an emotional chord or spark a memorable conversation mid-interview.

Reasoning: Wharton professor Adam Grant emphasizes that similarities matter most when they’re rare. Your interests are a huge bonding opportunity with your resume reader. Don’t waste it.

3) Take feedback from an employee

Connecting with an employee in the company you are looking to work with and taking their feedback helps in two ways. Firstly, it can help customize the resume as per the company and secondly, it helps your resume to pass internally, giving you a leverage.

Reasoning: Requesting two minutes of their time is an easy starting point, especially if you’ve built rapport beforehand. Before you know it, they may help out in bigger ways by making referrals, brokering introductions, and more.

4) Show your association with big brands

Listing big brands in your resume helps increase your credibility. The moment you mention your association with a big name, the employer gets assurance that your work is of a certain quality.

Reasoning: Authority is one of Cialdini’s principles of influence. If you don’t have it, the best way to convey authority is by associating yourself with those who do.

Resume Vogue Pro Tip: For college goers, the best way to build associations in by becoming campus ambassadors for reputed companies.

5) Always follow the "Rule of Seven"

Before sending out any document, make sure you read it at least 7 times (not back to back but seven different times, with an interval of at least 10 minutes between each reading).

Reasoning: The old adage says customers must see an advertisement seven times before they take action. Apply the same thinking here. After all, your resume is the ultimate personal marketing tool. Make sure you position yourself properly so recruiters know you’re a fit.

Thus, the next time you sit to make amendments in your resume, follow these tips so that you can build one that stands out.

Also, feel free to send us your resume for a review.

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