Are You Cut Out for the Changing Employment Trends?

Gone are the days when you would have to wait for the newspaper man every morning to glance through vacancies, deliver your resumes to the company address and then wait for a call.

The procedure that would earlier take over a month now takes less than a minute, thanks to the World Wide Web. The ‘newspaper man’ has now been replaced by various internet portals, ‘delivering resumes’ is now referred to as ‘LinkedIn Profile Link’ and ‘waiting for a call’ is waiting for an e-mail or profile view.

All key phrases have been replaced by digitized synonyms of those words and the basic terms are now often known as ‘outdated’.

Here are a few ways in which the employment process has changed, particularly in the last decade:

1. Google has replaced the resume

What used to be ‘looking at a resume’ is now ‘google-ing the candidate’ in this day and age, if you wish to get that dream job, try Google searching your name and make sure it appears on the top of search results. It could give you the edge you are looking for.

2. Work gaps aren’t big problems

Earlier, any white space in your resume would create a lot of doubt in the recruiter’s mind. However, now, work gaps aren’t that big a deal since the recruiter knows that these days, everyone is set out to try their own venture or take a sabbatical to travel and discover themselves.

3. A summary of your work history is enough

Nobody will take the time to read through every bit of information that you present in your CV. Thus, a summary would be adequate. It would also leave scope for discussion in the interview.

4. Everyone has a personal brand – yes, everyone

Against all probable thoughts you have, every candidate has a personal brand, a personal identity, something that differentiates them from the lot of candidates. Always remember to maintain you unique identity and promote it in every way possible.

5. Social proof is a must

Whatever evidence you may provide along with your resume/CV, having social proof is a must. It is essential to change your thought process from “I have to get done with my resume” to “Who can I meet today?”

Keeping a close watch on the trends, analyzing and making note of changes is essential to know what your employer wants and what could land you your dream job.

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