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September 15, 2017

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11 Absolutely Crucial Habits of Successful Persons

June 29, 2016


Bill Gates would not be a legend had he been gorging on chips while lazing around on a sofa. Narendra Modi would have ended in sheer poverty serving tea had he not determined to make a mark on the history of India. Successful people are not extra-ordinary but follow certain habits daily to grow towards achieving major breakthroughs. Here is a checklist of habits that common people follow to turn into legends.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Jack certainly needs his grey cells to charge up and feel energized by 20 minutes of exercise daily. It releases endorphins- the happy hormones that elevates our mood and enhances our productivity.


To-do list:

This may sound cliché but the truth is unless you jot down your priorities, you will end up getting confused and unorganized. The golden rule is to not mention more than four things on your list and do away with naps unless you complete them.



Remember those times when you doubt yourself and everything feels gloomy and downtrodden. Successful people experience those days too but they self – affirm consistently to feel positive and confident. So next time you wake up, remind yourself you can, instead of checking that WhatsApp message.



There is no substitute to reading as it is the fastest mode of acquiring knowledge. Make it a point to read at least half an hour daily no matter what. You will feel yourself getting more informative and expressing efficiently with better vocabulary.


Work. Even when you don’t feel like:

Life is all about improving oneself and going with the flow. Even when you are tempted to procra