How to look your best on the D Day of your interview?

How to look your best on the D Day of your interview

I will begin this post by the simple and famous saying, "First impression is the last impression!” Indeed my friends this holds very much true in today's job industry too. You need to be dressed up for your interview ladies and gentleman. I am not saying that this holds true only for the people who are keen on working in fashion industry. You are definitely mistaken if you think that way. It's as simple as the fact that the interviewer will not have pre-conceived notions about you if you are a smart dresser. Let us begin with some common queries associated with it:

Q: What do you mean by dressing up for the interview?

A: To begin with we all have to accept the fact that first thing we notice in any stranger is how s/he is dressed. Then the interviewer is no different but an ordinary person. The first thing that any interviewer notices in you from the moment you enter the room is what you are wearing. You can say that your assessment begins from that very instant. I am no psychology expert but you tend to form opinion about the person based on their dressing sense. And if we talk about hiring, this indeed is a serious business because if inappropriately dressed it conveys the message that you are not serious about this business opportunity.

Q: How hard does it hit on your chances to succeed in your dream job?

A: The experts say, although the business attire has got nothing to do with your skills and abilities to do your job or at least what your job description says. But it goes long way in telling the third person (in this case, an interviewer for your dream company) that you are not serious enough towards the business etiquette. It demonstrates your casual attitude and they would refrain from sealing the deal with you unless you are an Einstein!

Q: But many companies today emphasize on casual approach and no dress code?

A: You are absolutely right. Indeed companies are going for casual wear at offices to increase the levels of employee engagement. But do you realize that those are the policies applicable to you once you are an employee and not an aspirant. Moreover the word “casual dressing” does not mean that you appear at the interview wearing the pajamas or the skirt you love so much or the shorts you consider as your lucky charm.

My advice: Choose wisely and it is best to wear business formals since it would not invite any form of halo effect (The impression created by an interviewer in one area to influence opinion in another area) from the interviewers.

Q: Is there a limitation on the way we choose to dress up for the interview?

A: Absolutely not. In fact there is no written rule in any company that only if you show up wearing an Armani you are welcome. For starters you should keep following points in mind while deciding upon what to wear:

[if !supportLists]1. Do your homework on the type of industry you are applying your job in. Look for the clues on their company website.

[if !supportLists]2. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you contact the HR of the company. You can seek their advice on what is recommended to wear for the job interview. Few of the companies have this information written on their job application form too.

[if !supportLists]3. Consider the geography too. I mean, the country you applying in; the city in that country; the climatic conditions in that city etc.

[if !supportLists]4. You can visit some of the apparel stores in the malls that house the formal wears. You can buy the ones which suits your personality the best.

[if !supportLists]5. Ensure that you clothes are washed and well ironed one day in advance before the interview.

People respond to how you dress. So it is only wise that you dress to impress from the very moment someone lays eyes on you.

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