5 Truths About The Person Reading Your Resume

5 Truths About The Person Reading Your Resume

The person who reads our resume often wishes that we knew what they think while they read our resumes. Almost every recruiter goes through the same or at least similar aggravations. After speaking to quite a few recruiters here is the knowledge I have gathered. It is sure to give you some much needed gyaan to keep in mind while crafting your resume.

1. A recruiter will not spend time searching for relevant information in your resume:

If the educational background, skills or job experiences are difficult to detect in a person’s resume, their resume may as well be blank. It is understandable when someone wants to make their resume unique, but that should not hinder the recruiter’s scan through.

Pro tip: Use clever and neat formatting to enhance the visibility of the most important information in your resume. Funky fonts are almost never appreciated by recruiters.

2. A resume without a statement is like a soda without carbonate:

Whether a person is trying to change fields or not should be evident. The slightest amount of confusion on the recruiter’s part will halt the resume from getting to the next stage. The resume must be crafted in a way which optimizes why and how the intended employee’s past work experiences will affect the position he is applying for. The dots must not be left for the recruiter to connect.

Pro tip: An easy-to-read crisp resume will do all the wonders you need

3. A recruiter will almost only scan through your resume:

There’s some debate over how much time a recruiter spends looking over a resume. Everyone agrees that it’s less than 20 seconds. What does that mean for job seekers? It means that resumes need to be as easy to read—or more aptly, skim—as possible. The font size mustn’t be too small and the bullet points shouldn’t exceed five lines. This helps in retaining the interest of the reader.

Pro tip: Highlight your most significant skills and strengths so that they are in the recruiter’s face. Yes! Be aggressive. It’s your dream job at stake.

4. Your resume will change many hands within a single organization:

This means in order for the resume to reach the hiring manager, it may pass through many junior recruiters’ hands. Resumes must be presented in a way which even a non-technical representative can understand well enough to put in the right pile. The easier it is for the HR, the more smoothly the application process will go.

Pro tip: Do not use heavy technical genre in your resume. Use it in moderation.

5. Wrong contact information is a huge turn off:

Finally, one must be very careful while mentioning the contact information because the recruiter will not waste too much time trying to contact the job seeker. Double checking and testing the contact information is a must. Typos in the resume are bad but a mistake in the contact information is as bad as it gets.

Pro tip: Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

Now that we have a snap shot of what goes on in the mind of a recruiter we can make our resumes in accordance with what we have learnt.

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