How to Quit Your Job With Poise

how to quit your with poise

Tired of working for someone? Want to quit job and be your own boss? Not satisfied with your current designation? Looking for an opportunity offering more pay? Frustrated in your work environment?

Reasons more than enough to leave a job – but how?

Exactly how is it that you should leave the job you’re currently at or have been working at for quite a long time? It’s simple – with poise.

You do not have to necessarily be rude, honest or both while leaving your job. One easy way to do so is by acknowledging what you’ve learnt from working there and the improvement in your skill set resultant from the same.

Here is the body of an ideal resignation letter that can help you maintain your relations with the managers and colleagues and leave the job at the same time:


I have been working with the company for ….. years and have had an amazing working experience. My supervisors, managers and colleagues have always helped me at all points and have continuously motivated me, aiding in my overall development and growth not only as a professional, but also a person.

However, I feel it is time for me to explore new gambles and I will have to resign from my post as …………………… . I do look forward to being associated with the company in the future and do certainly hope that the company keeps achieving all its targets and reaches the peak of success.

I hope you understand and accept my resignation.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Your name

You could be polite and acknowledging, through which you will be able to maintain your professional code and still get your resignation accepted. It is always advised that you give in your resignation letter 2 weeks before you plan to resign, so as to complete the assignments at hand.

The next steps that will follow is that you may be offered a raise, or maybe even a promotion. If you are content with the offer, you could accept it and continue. If you do, however, wish to start your own venture, then you will have to reject the offer which will, in all likeliness be followed by a more lucrative offer.

If you are adamant on quitting, be firm about your decision and stick to saying “ I cannot continue due to personal reasons.”

Once you have left, update your status on your resume, CV as well as your LinkedIn and other social media profiles. Remember to take a Recommendation Letter from the company that you have left your job with – it will reflect well on your resume.

Leaving your job with poise and etiquette can open up opportunities for you in the future. If you remove emotion from the equation, are objective and honest with yourself, then you are on the path to a successful transition.

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