7 Simple Resume Templates to Help You Raise Your Resume Game in 2017

7 simple resume templates

We are well into 2017, which seems to be a rather positive year of change, so why not keep our professional documents up to date as well? If you are heading for a monumental job change, this year, your resume should be at the top of your attention. While a quirky out of the box resume is sure to grab attention but bold is not really your forte, a simple well drafted format will do professional justice to your profile. We’ve compiled a list of 7 simple resume formats, for you to draw inspiration from, and create a resume effortlessly in Microsoft Office Word.


1. Shades of Grey

A simple resume format which, with just an added background colour, can change the look in entirety. Optimal use of spacing adds to the easily differentiable sections. The format is clean and precise with only the most important information mentioned.

7 Simple Resume Templates to Help You Raise Your Resume Game in 2017

2. Work Blues

I love this simple resume format because of its subtle introduction of colour. The blue is not too loud or dark. It has a mellow effect on the reader. The usage of symbols in the contact section is a cherry on the cake. Well-structured sections in the resume maintain a visibly tidy outlook throughout.

7 Simple Resume Templates

3. Timeline Basics

This resume template makes optimal usage of timelines. If you feel you need to add a creative flair to your resume, however, in moderation, this one is the perfect resume template to draw inspiration from. The classic colour scheme complements the resume oh so well.

7 Simple Resume Templates

4. Pink Hues

The simple introduction of a singular colour, in a resume, can make a world of difference. Notice the perfect placement of heavy text one side and graphically representation of content on the other. It is also a good idea to link your social media profiles to your resume if you are applying for a job in the digital media field.

7 Simple Resume Templates 2017

5. Grey Matter

Another simple resume template making the best use of the polished grey colour. Light grey tones can be used in a plethora of ways to enhance the resume format and visual appeal. The font is keeping in sync with the simple resume layout aiding in its crisp look.

7 Simple Resume Templates  2017


6. The Game Changer

This resume template has a tad bit more informal vibes. Keeping in line with old school grey, the usage of a funky text breaks the overly formal tone of the resume. In this digital age, do not forget to link your online profiles to your resume.

7 Simple Resume Templates 2017

7. Formal Much

Careful usage of a dark shade of colour helps bring out the best in this resume. Clean lines to separate the sections make is easy on the eye. This resume template allows you to add more content and can easily be extended to add another page too. A tagline under your name is a great idea.

7 Simple Resume Templates to Help You Raise Your Resume Game in 2017

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