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6 Ways Candidates Can Set Themselves Apart

September 15, 2017

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12 Sure Shot Pro Resume Writing Tips to Optimize Your Resume

April 6, 2017


With appraisals around the corner, let’s face it, some of us will be left disappointed with the results but do not be disheartened, there is still a big wide world beyond your current organisation and the master key to open those doors is your resume.


A resume is the single most important document in job hunting and it should be 100% on point. You could invest in a professional to perfect it for you but if you cannot afford one here are 12 simple but powerful ways you can optimize your resume to take it a notch above the rest.


1)Personal Statement

Do away with the and start your resume with a carefully tailored enriched with key words synced with the prospective job description. Always think from the perspective of the recruiter while drafting your resume.


2)Core Skills

Follow the statement section with short bullet points with your expertise in your resume. Add a mix of your professional, technical and soft skills here to maximize the use of this section. Stick to under 6 bullet points. Again, this must be customized as per your prospective job description.


3)Professional Experience

The universally accepted format of documenting your experience in a resume is in reverse chronology so be sure to follow it. That means you should start with your most recent experience at the top followed by the previous experiences. Be sure to mention the duration and designation of each job stint.