6 Steps to the Perfect Intern Resume

Framing a yielding resume that includes your objectives, skills, experiences, achievements and education, can be a tedious and grueling task at hand for every aspiring college student. Writing the perfect intern resume is the first, imperative hurdle that needs to be crossed.

Resume writing is more than just pitching your experiences and achievements. It is a synthesized result of captivating presentation and knowledge of content.

The perfect intern resume hooks the employer in a short span of time and illustrates the true potential of the applicant. Be selective and precise in the information that you put in order to stimulate the interest of the employer.

1. Start with Personal Information

Start out by listing your personal information. Mention your name using a larger font size. Include the essential information like address, phone number, and email address.

2. Construct a Resume that Meets the Qualifications of the Internship

It is essential to gather information about the internship and the needs of the employer before initiating the process of resume writing. Mention the relevant skills, accomplishments and experiences to provide the employer a glimpse of what you can bring to the table. Put in the salient points that match the needs and qualifications of the internship.

3. Incorporate Relevant Information

As a student, applying for internships, education is the major category that proves to be the cornerstone of your resume. Academic achievements, honours and awards becomes the measure of a student applicant’s potential.

4. Use ‘Numbers’ to Provide a Thrust to your Resume

Elaborate the expanse of your success and achievements by using numbers to indicate the accurate worth of your work efficiency. For example, frame statements like “increased site traffic over last year by 25%.” Leverage your experience and skills to create a captivating resume.

5. Make Use of Action Verbs

Start your statements with action verbs (achieved, performed, created, assigned) and omit the use of articles (a, an, the) and pronouns (I, me you). Use of correct words can make your resume look proper and professional.

6. Pay Attention to Details

Perfectionism is the key to the perfect intern resume. Organisation of content and portrayal of information in the correct form can easily enhance the chances of your resume to make it to the list. Keep the resume short, persuasive and easy to skim. Give margins and include spacing within the resume. Present your abilities in a fashion that catches the eye of the employer. Use of underlines, italics and bold is vital to emphasize the details that the employer is looking for.

Resume writing can seem to be a hard task, but keeping in mind these simple steps, the resume for interns can be written effortlessly. Be sure to input the vital information in the beginning and to maintain consistency in your resume. Scrutinize very single detail and check for grammatical errors. Be honest and do not seek the use of fabricated information or give the employer a reason to doubt your credibility.

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