Job Search In 2017 – The Success Mantra

Are you a fresher just out of college with high hopes and dreams of acquiring the perfect job? Or are you someone aspiring to change your career domain? Are you on a job search??? Whatever the case may be, the new world is in your hands; opportunities are abound and successfully searching for a job has never been simpler. But wait, there are some secret tips for a successful job search in this new technologically forward world. Let’s have a look at it, shall we?

1. Have A Plan

Are you an entrepreneur? Or a manager? Are you strong in technical aspects or do you favour the business end of a job? Get to know yourself. Find out what kind of job you are searching for and move forward accordingly. Hash out a Plan A and a Plan B – for you are sure to need backup every now and then. Think about whether you want to work in your country or if you’re interested in going overseas.

2. Career Domains and Companies

Are you searching for a job in your respective field of study or interested in other domains? Make a list on the different career domains that you think you can work in. List out the major companies that may have the job opportunities you are searching for. Again, don’t focus on just one company and just one job – be ready with a backup plan too!

3. Network, Network, Network

Establish contacts and network your way forward. This might be easier if you’ve been working for some time now. It might be a good idea to attend office parties, get to know people in different companies and keep in touch with them. It could seem to be a little time consuming, but hopefully it will help when you’re searching for a job. Even for freshers, it is pretty easy to get contacts now-a-days. Be active in your college and have the contact details of the alumni. They will surely be a great help in times of need. Also, find contacts from among your family members and neighbours. You never know when it might become handy!

4. Resumes

Research the contacts and official email IDs of the companies you like. Send them your resume and cover letter. It could make a huge difference if you have that perfect resume with you. A well formatted error free resume targeting the job posting in particular will go a long way. Really, it can make or break your career. So, one of the major keys to a successful job search – your resume.

5. Attract Companies

If it seems difficult to obtain the contacts of companies, another way is to attract the companies to you. Wondering how? During a job search in 2017, it’s quite simple to post your CV and resumes online. This will save a lot of time and hassles and will prove helpful.So, the other secret to a successful job search in 2017 – online profiles (hint: LinkedIn!)

6. Hidden Vacancies

This is where all that networking pays off. You can easily get a job if you know about it way before it is advertised. Search for internal recruitments, ask for information and word-of-mouth advice and chances are you’ll land a job as quick as a blink!

7. Stay Positive

Yes, it might be hard at times and most certainly is difficult to successfully complete a job search and land a good job but the secret to success is to always stay positive and never back down. During a job search you might be rejected or not considered for the interviews, but always keep the fact in mind that if, one door closes another will definitely open.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, opportunities are many; you just have to find it. The youngsters of 21st century are most definitely in search of jobs that attract them, be it because of their passion or the pay package. The bottom line is, everyone’s been in your position at some point of time. It’s okay to strive hard to achieve that perfect job you need. Just know never to give up and continue to work hard. Success will be yours.

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