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6 Ways Candidates Can Set Themselves Apart

September 15, 2017

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Why should we hire you? Answer this tough interview question.

October 11, 2017


“The answer to every question lies inside you. Search.”


This question is as inevitable as the effect of your own karma, you have to face it. And even after knowing about you more than you know about yourself (by stalking your social media profiles), your employer asks you this interview question to give you an opportunity. An opportunity to show him that you are the most suitable person for that job.


But how on earth can you show him just through your words, when actions speak louder? How can you say something that no other candidate has ever said before? How can you convince him that you are the sweetest person for this job? Well, here is how you can cake walk through this tough interview question:


1)     Research:

Every interviewer will ask the same, “Why should I hire you?” question, but its answer will differ from company to company. Like every person has their own personality, values, likes and dislikes, every company comes with its own beliefs, work culture, and dos and don’ts.

Hence before proposing yourself to the company, you need to know more about them, their culture, and the type of people they usually hire and accordingly, present yourself in the interview.


2)     Engage:

“Well, I am a very hard-working, confident, reliable person, who would (read blah blah blah).” No, for the sake of beauty of communication, don’t say this, ever, in your interview. Just li