Interviews are probably a nightmare for a lot of us. The anxiety and the stress of putting up a good performance gets to us, more often than not, which adversely affects our chances of scoring the job.

Honestly speaking, interviews are pretty easy to crack, once you’ve got the confidence that you’re prepared to face it. The first step is sending out the resume, after which you get called in for an interview. So, if you do get tensed, every once in a while, thinking about facing the interview panel, keep this in mind: you’ve already cleared the first obstacle: getting your resume shortlisted. Keep this positivity in mind and prepare yourself to face the interview.

Here, I will share some of the tips which I find useful while interview preparation.

  • Homework helps

Make sure you research about the company in which you’ve applied for the job. Learn about their requisites, think on how to incorporate your skills with their requirements and prepare accordingly. Doing this homework also helps you be confident in fielding any of the probable questions on company norms and policies. It also lets the interviewer know that you’ve done your research, you know the company well and are interested in pursuing a career with them.

  • Greetings

Your attitude and the way you communicate goes a long way into making a good impression with the interviewer. So, be sure to greet the interview panel when you enter the room. Be confident in your posture and body language. Don’t slouch or show nervous habits, such as clasping hands or biting nails. Also, don’t act arrogant. Remember that there is a great difference between being self-confident and being overconfident.

  • Your resume and certificates are important

Even though you’ve probably mailed the interviewer your resume, be sure to carry it, along with all of the important certificates which you think might be important in a folder. In fact, my advice is to keep all of these prepared beforehand because it might prove difficult to go hunting for your certificates on the day of the interview.

  • The way you dress makes an impression

Keep in mind that this is a professional environment and not a party. As such, accommodate your style to a minimalist elegance. There are ways to be stylish while also being professional. Go with a fitted skirt/ pants, an ironed shirt and a blazer in neutral or subdued colours. DO NOT wear any sort of loud colour combinations as it might create a bad impression.

Wear a watch or small jewellery, if you need to accessorize, but again, remember not to go over the top. Also, wear black heels or else go with polished shoes/flats in black or brown. Comb your hair to give a neat appearance and it would be better if you don’t go for a messy hairdo. These add up to give you a professional look, while also making you look effortlessly stylish.

  • Answering the questions

While jumping ahead of yourself and answering their questions might show enthusiasm, it is better to wait, think about the question seriously and provide a well thought out, mature answer. While researching the company, you will definitely come across frequently asked questions. Prepare answers for these before itself and make sure whatever you say is genuine and true.

  • Be open and articulate yourself well

Often you become nervous while questions are posed to you and thus end up not being able to convey your ideas properly. Always remember that you are not on a ticking timeline. Take your time to think about the question, consider your answer seriously and articulate yourself well so your ideas are portrayed as you want it to be. The main point to be kept in mind is that if you’re capable of expressing what you want to say during the interview in a distinct and pleasant manner, and in a convincing tone, your confidence will be to the listener.

  • Frankness and honesty is appreciated

Keep in mind that the interviewers might very well ask in a negative tone, just to rile you up and see how you react. So be prepared for those negative aspects and have on how to keep calm and address the questions with a cool head. Be honest and transparent in whatever you say. Honesty is the best policy after all!

  • Concluding the interview

Often the interviewers might ask if you have any questions to ask them towards the end of the interview. Do your research about the company: their products, markets, services, current activities, and competitors. Ask questions to show your interest. Keep in mind not to jump into your questions, wait for them to prompt you as this shows your good manners. Thank the interviewer with a pleasant face while bidding goodbye. Give a cordial handshake with a slight bend to show your respect and depart. Don’t forget to place your chair in its correct position before you go.

I hope these tips prove helpful to you before attending the interview.

Now, before concluding this article let me leave you with a video that you should watch. It contains some more helpful tips that will go a long way in helping you ace that interview and procure your dream job!

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