3 Amazing Tips To Get Your Resume Shortlisted

All of us would be so excited about applying for our dream job, right? Often what happens is, we go ahead with no accurate plan in mind which might become a major setback in acquiring the said job. The thing is, not many of us give credit to proper planning while sending out our resume and getting ready to face an interview. All of that “getting ready” is just wasted if the resume is not actually shortlisted. Not to mention, we feel pretty low due to our failure.

But the good news is, getting your resume shortlisted is not rocket science. In fact, it is pretty simple and straight forward, if you adhere to the few tips that I’m going to share here.

1. Keywords to success

Often, the resumes are not even read manually, but merely processed via an automated system. Here, the best bet in is to use keywords that you know for sure will get you in. These can include the generic words that appear in most job descriptions or the specifications of that particular organization, if you know them. Familiarize yourself with such keywords by going through job portals and other networking sites. LinkedIn is a good place to start particularly if you’re a fresher.

Personal tip: Keywords are qualifications, job specific technical skills etc. Search for those in particular and add a lot of these while working on your resume!

2. Structure, Style and Success

Once you’ve learnt about using keywords, put in some work on making your resume structured and on-point. It’s the first impression a recruiter is going to have of you and as such you need to make the most of this. There are a lot of websites that gives you different formats for your resume. You could also use Google Docs and select a convenient template. Anyhow, the point is, work on making your resume perfect and you will have your ticket to success.

3. Experience and success go hand in hand

Don’t forget all your awesome training and work experiences while working on your resume. In fact, I’d suggest that you do your homework on the particular company you’re sending out your resume to, make sure your resume has all the things they’re looking for and highlight the work experience and internship that you think matters the most.

Friendly tip: for all the “techie” guys out there: Focus more on your projects. Your projects show your talent so make sure you have at least two of them to back up your technical skills.

I hope this blog made you rethink for a second before sending out your resume. Check on all the points I mentioned above and also make sure whatever you’ve written in the resume is honest and genuine.

Good faith and honesty is still the best of traits to have and that good character will definitely help you succeed in life. Best of luck.

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