Super Quick Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Professional Resume Writer for You

Checklist for choosing a professional resume writer

If you would be asked to handover the key of your greatest wealth whom would you pass it on to? You would definitely think through and analyse all the options you have. Hiring a resume writer, the responsibility of designing the most important document required for you job, is as important.

There are various recruitment portals who claim to have professional resume writers, but all they do is use automated templates to create your resumes. When it comes to choosing a professional resume writer, the one who takes genuine interest, has excellent communication skills, and delivers on time, should be given the responsibility.

Apart from this, there are many sites who claim to be great at what they do. But to figure out who the real gem is, here is a checklist for you to make the big decision yourself.

1.Website:Whenever in doubt, scan the website. Just like your resume a resume writer’s website indicates the quality and seriousness of their work. Behind the fancy jargon there will be some loopholes for you to figure out the truth. Or if the resume writer is genuinely brilliant and skillful, then their website will leave you in awe. Look for the design, content quality, services offered, and relevance of blogs.

2.Experience: A resume writer becomes a professional resume writer based on the kind of work they have done. If they have designed resumes for clients from different industries, then they don’t restrict themselves and strive to deliver the best in every field. But if they have hardly worked in more than three to four industries, then either they don’t have many clients or sufficient skills.

3.Check the samples: Work speaks louder than anything else. Read the samples to understand the flow, creativity, command over language, and the overall presentation. Ask the question to yourself, would I hire this person if I had to do so just on the basis of this resume? The degree of impact the samples have on you, would approximately be the same on your employer too.

4.The right questions: The kind of questions one asks, shows the integral aspects of one’s personality. If a resume writer is asking you questions that will help him frame a perfect resume, they know their job quite well. Not only them, but you should also ask the questions and clear your doubts. By doing so, they know you are very particular about certain things, and helps both of you stay on the same page.

5.Linked In references/ Reviews: Before investing in your resume, don’t forget to go through your professional resume writer’s LinkedIn profile. Find out how genuine those references are and what do they say. Reviews on one’s website also helps in making a decision of choosing the perfect professional resume writer.

6.Price: Though investing in a resume bears sweet fruits, you should make sure to not be overcharged. Compare the industry prices with the quality being offered to make a smart decision.

I hope the above checklist has given you the parameters to help you make a wise decision. If a resume writer fulfills the above criteria, show them the green signal and enjoy the calls from top recruiters.

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