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6 Ways Candidates Can Set Themselves Apart

September 15, 2017

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9 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Resume Writing

August 13, 2017


An illustrious resume is indispensable in your job search especially when you are taking your first steps into the corporate world. As a resume is the key to your interview, making common resume writing mistakes will weigh down heavily on your job search.


Here are 9 common mistakes to avoid while going about your resume writing:


1. Typos and grammatical errors

This is the ultimate mistake made while resume writing. If your resume is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors it will immediately be sent to the bin. The hiring manager often searches for a detail-oriented person and having a sharp eye for spelling and grammar sets the tone. Most positions today require good communication and writing skills which is why it is essential one proofreads their resume at least 3 times over or even better ask a friend to do so for you.


2. Resume is too long

Your resume should ideally be a maximum of 2 pages in length. Whether you are an entry level candidate or someone with 20 years of experience no one has the time to go through extensive pages of your resume. Keep it crisp and to the point.