Go-to Tips for Building a Strong Online Presence

Go-to Tips for Building a Strong Online Presence

Look around. What do you see most of the people doing? Some might be busy on their mobile phones, some might be engrossed surfing on the laptop, while some would be making notes on their tablets. When the world around you is online, you ought to master your online presence. If you want to know a person, you no more hide behind the trees and stalk him. All you need to do is look for him online, and know even the restaurant where he had his Sushi last night. Your employers are stalking your social media profiles too, and have judged you even before you know.

If your resume claims that you are creative, your Instagram account should reflect exactly that. If you mention that you are a person who loves solitude, and your Facebook photos are all full of party selfies, you might be rejected by your employer on the grounds of dishonesty. When the online world is so cardinal and volatile, you cannot play with it lightly, and risk your job opportunities. It’s time to effectively build your online presence, and rule the roost.

Here are some easy but effective tips to help you build your online presence:

1. Website

Gone are the days when you send your samples to the employer. Now, if you have a website, you are way ahead of your counterparts. A well-designed website acts as your portfolio. It defines your sense of style, passion, creativity, and rigor. Irrespective of which industry you belong to, you can have a website resume and portfolio and let your work do the talking.

2. Social Media

People believe what they see. When all eyes are on your social media accounts, you cannot underestimate its power. But most of the people tend to forget the relevance of different social media platforms, and upload content without giving it a second thought.

a) Facebook

If there is one platform which decides your social skills, it is Facebook. Usually, people set themselves loose on this platform and update whatever comes to their mind. While surely it is an apt medium to know each other, and share your photos and thoughts, nothing offensive or irrelevant should ever be posted. If you had a fight with your friend, tell him on his face rather than sharing it as a status on Facebook on how upset you are. Most people either don’t care or make fun of it. Whatever you post, make sure it is relevant to the audience, and contributes to building your online presence.

b) Twitter

Any person can troll a celebrity or crib about the government, but a smart person uses Twitter to discuss ideas and actions, rather than people. The genre of your discussion speaks volumes of your interests and knowledge. If you are providing food for thought, giving sensible opinions on current situations, and helping Twitter be a better place, you might straight away land a job solely on this basis.

c) Instagram

This is a beautiful medium to voice out your passion, and let the world know what intrigues you. Your Instagram bio should be captivating and give a summary of who you are as a person. Be it painting, photography or writing that helps you find yourself, create an Instagram handle and elevate your online presence. It is important to be good at your job, but to find time for yourself and follow your passion seriously, also reflects a deeper side of you.

d) LinkedIn

Your employer might skip all the above platforms, but she will definitely hunt through your LinkedIn profile. From your profile photo to your references, everything should be treated sacredly. It is treated as important as your resume. Keep updating it, add new skills, make it creative and interesting, and make new connections as much as possible. A strong online presence is also marked by how strong your connections are.

Irrespective of all platforms, there is one thing that stays constant across all- the quality of your content. To create a staggering , just make sure you use all the platforms optimally, while the message each of them delivers should be integrated. To know how to reinvent you LinkedIn profile, read

Quick Steps to Reinvent Your LinkedIn Profile

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