4 Tips on How to Make the Decision of Successful Career Change

Tips on How to Make the Decision of Successful Career Change

Life is the average of right and wrong decisions you make. Some of us are lucky to have a say in realizing our dreams, while for the others, someone else get to make it or break it.

Earlier your worth was decided by the stream you chose. If it’s Science (even though you barely pass), you are a rock star. If it’s Commerce, prepare to be a Chartered Accountant, and if it’s Humanities, then God bless you. But thanks to the internet, parents are opening up to newer, fresher courses and jobs. They know how a blogger or a choreographer can earn a great deal of money. If your office feels like a prison, and your work makes you feel trapped, it’s time for a career change. If you are working in a finance company, but are surfing fashion blogs all day long, it might just be your calling.

It is crucial to understand the difference between break from work, and changing your career. It might happen that your work has taken a toll on you and all you need would be a vacation. But if you feel stuck and suffocated, while your passion lies in another field, then it’s better to think about changing your career. To help you in your decision of career change, here are 4 points to help you get sorted.

1. The mighty ‘WHY’: Impulsive career change decisions may lead to disastrous consequences. When something as risky as a career is at stake, it becomes indispensable to introspect. Take some time off, and find answers within yourselves. You know yourself the best. Is it your boss creating havoc in your life, lack of personal time or genuinely the nature of your work? Many-a-times it is not the line of your career, but your working conditions that force you to rethink your decisions. Imagine a perfect working environment with the same career you are in. If you would be happy in it, then it only a matter of change in your company. But if you would still remain restless and something else motivates you, then you love it more than your current job.

2. The crucial ‘HOW’: Once you have realized that you are meant for some other career, and that you would definitely perform much better at it, the question arises ‘how’. If you are in your 20s, it is slightly easier to change your career. But once you hit your 30s, all sorts of obstacles in the form of various people will come across. All you need to do is ignore them, and figure out what it takes to reach your destination. Research on whether any specialization is required or not, how much would it cost, from where you will arrange the finances, and who all are already in that field. Discuss it with people you trust, and get excited to pursue what you had always dreamed of.

3. The eager ‘WHEN’: When you have a full-fledged plan on how to go about it, set a timeline of when you will quit your present job, the time to prepare or pursue the required course, and the most awaited part of your career change when you will start pursuing your new venture. Keep a track of it as it will be the motivating factor to help you going.

4. The crazy “WHAT IF”: In your journey of changing your career, you will face self-doubt multiple times. Thoughts like ‘what if it doesn’t work, what if you don’t earn more than before, what if you get bored even of it’ might trouble you often, but remember the reason why you started. Nothing is as satisfying as loving what you do. When your passion becomes your work, you don’t look out for weekends on a Monday!

I hope this helps on whether you want to make a career change or not. If you want to, go ahead courageously, give it your all, and experience the happiness of feeling at home every day at work. With career change, your resume would change too. Contact us today to get your resume reviewed.

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