Ingenious Resume Writing Tips for Students with No Work Experience

Ingenious Resume Writing Tips for Students with No Work Experience

“A student’s greatest asset is her lack of experience; no unlearning the already learnt.”

Being a fresher makes you feel vulnerable with shallow hopes of bagging a job. When you don’t have any product to show, what will you sell? But just like every writing is more lucid on a clean slate, similarly it is easier for any organization to imbibe their values in a fresher. The biggest reason for employee turnover is not low salary, but mismatch between the culture of an organization and an employee. Every organization wants young and fresh minds that can be molded according to their company’s environment. So, now that you know you are as important to them as a job for you, go ahead confidently with a kick-ass resume. No idea how a resume for student should be? Don’t worry! Just keep the following steps in mind and you are good to go.

1. The Basic Principle: Stating your educational qualifications is like your phone notifications, love them or hate them, you just can’t ignore them. Your educational background plays a key role in deciding how relevant your degrees are for the job you are looking for. A student resume should clearly mention all the school and college qualifications.

2. What makes you, you: Your biggest power is your personality. What impression would you like to leave upon your employer? Which are those qualities that makes you a perfect fit for that job? If you have any confusion regarding how to make this possible then here is a simple way. List down all your qualities and the qualities that will be required for a job. Now, count down the similar qualities in both the lists, and mention them at the required places.

3. Extra-curricular activities: It’s not our job that defines us, but what all value we can add to it with our skills, does. Mention all your interests and passions that keep you happy and motivated. Be it photography, gardening, writing or watching movies, state it. Resume writing for a student becomes a delicate affair, as there is no experience to peg it upon. Thus, while mentioning the accolades you won for your extra-curricular activities, state the skill you learnt by pursuing it, also. Don’t forget to mention any leadership positions held in school or college. Captain of the athletics team? Be sure to mention it. Head of the Dramatics Society? Yes, mention that too.

4. Visually Appealing: There is no doubt about the fact that a visually attractive piece never goes out of sight. Basing upon the same psychology, it is a must to keep your resume aesthetically appealing and presentable. Let your student resume reflect the refreshing energy and vibes of a student who is curious to give their best.

5. Social Media Savvy: Thanks to the growing importance of social media, every organization appreciates employees who are social media savvy, and can use it favourably to promote their organization. After all, when an employee happily uploads a post on how awesome their company is, it cannot match any other modes of promotion.

Be it a resume for student, or an experienced adult, it is vital to add personality to it, and make it compelling for the employer to read. Resume writing for a student is no child’s play, and should be invested in with care. Now that you know how to ace a student resume, present it with a stunning cover letter by following these easy tips:

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