3 Ingenious Tips to Help You Write a Magnetic Resume Title

Magnetic Resume Title

Does your name give you a sense of identity? Does it reflect your personality? Have you heard a unique name and got curious to know what it means? Your name is the title of your existence. Every article, blog, Facebook post, YouTube video, advertisement or news that captures your attention, is because of a compelling headline. Similarly, a magnetic resume title is the key to catch you employer’s attention, and compel him to complete reading your resume.

The speed at which we scroll down our Facebook feed, clearly tells us how much time we devote to a post. A recruiter is exactly in the same position, and reads hundreds of resumes for a single position. It is very important to use a magnetic resume heading, forcing them to spend time on your resume and read it further. No matter how intelligent your resume is, if the resume title is humdrum, there are high chances of your employer not even reading it. To stand out in the crowd, here are some tips for writing a magnetic resume title.

1.The shorter, the sexier: No HR manager has the time and patience to read a long, boring resume title. A magnetic resume title is very crisp and to the point. It should include all the relevant information, without crossing eight words.

2. Be the mind reader: You should tailor your resume title based on your employer’s psyche. Do your research, and understand whether he is a very serious person, or is the one who swears to be witty all his life. A magnetic resume title is the one that attracts the employer towards it, and makes him wonder how interesting the person owning it would be.

3. Benefit boasting: If you go to a restaurant, and the chef is suggesting all that he cooks well, but you are in the mood of a pasta, his words will fall blank upon your ears. No matter how good you are at a job, state what the employer is looking for. What benefits will you add to his organization? How you are valuable to them rather than what you are interested in, matters the most. Here is an example for you to write a magnetic resume title:

a. A highly skilled IT Project Manager

b. Flexible IT professional with 8 years of experience

Even writing a magnetic resume title is an art, which you will master after you start analyzing why a blog title forces you to read it. When you have a stunning resume title, you need to optimize your resume too. Here are some pro tips for drafting an amazing resume.

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