The Latest LinkedIn Profile Trends To Follow

The Latest LinkedIn Profile Trends To Follow

Most of us may already be well-aware of the importance of a LinkedIn profile in our professional life. A LinkedIn profile is equivalent to having a Facebook profile in our social life – integral and unavoidable. Like its name, LinkedIn links us to this extremely vast and informative network of professionals – its every tech-savvy professional’s dream world. A LinkedIn profile might very well be the first thing someone runs by to know about both individuals and organisations, as it is said to reflect your personality work-wise. It could determine whether or not you get that perfect job you applied for or it might be the deciding factor that helps you choose which company to work for. Basically anything connected to your work life is “Linked In” to your professional LinkedIn profile!

So, in this world of connectivity and social networking, it has become imperative to maintain a perfect LinkedIn profile.

But, how to achieve perfection in your LinkedIn profile???

By following the latest trends, of course!! Yeah, you read it right; there are secrets to achieve and maintain a trending and savvy profile in LinkedIn - something that screams professionalism while still being classy and edgy.

Read on to know about the latest LinkedIn profile trends of 2017.

  • A simple and basic trend to follow – add a profile picture!!

Come to think of it, no profile would be complete without your photo would it? So go ahead and post that great pic of yours taken during the totally cool conference you attended. Make sure the attire is formal and you have a pleasing smile on your face.

First impression really is the best impression people!

  • Add your professional e-mail address

Because, of course, it is needed so that interested people can get in touch with you. Networking like this might just land you your dream job. Your LinkedIn profile is definitely great to do your networking and communication, but having an e-mail address to contact each other will only prove beneficial in the future. Motivated businessmen and enterprises will definitely appreciate you being easily reachable.

  • Connect – the ‘right’ way

We all might have read about or heard stories on how LinkedIn helped in connecting some great partner or such. While it is true, in most cases it takes proactively searching for that perfect person to be found. If you’re contacting a heretofore unknown person, introduce yourself in the right manner. Be genuinely interested in what that person has to offer, strike up a conversation and tell them why you want to associate with them.

  • Like, Share, Blog

LinkedIn can actually be used just like any other social media. It is a community and as such if you want to be noticed, you need to actively participate in the community. Most people post information freely on their LinkedIn profiles. Like these if you’re interested in it. Share stuff to reach out to more people. Be an avid blogger, if that’s your cup of tea. Basically, BE VISIBLE!!!

  • Mention your achievements to make yourself look good

Make sure you’ve listed out at least your most important and recent achievements in your summary or content of your profile. After all, it’s great that you have skills, but even better when you can back it up with proof of those skills through achievements.

  • Make your profile dynamic

Now, the common mistake most of us make is leaving our LinkedIn profiles as it is after it is created. DO NOT DO IT!! Make it ever-changing and dynamic. Update it regularly to reflect the current status of your professional life, just like you might update your profile picture in FB every once-in-a-while. Add catchy taglines, reword your summary and make it interesting!!

  • The importance of having a powerful heading

Who are YOU??? is probably the most important question a person asks when they see your LinkedIn profile. It is important for you to have a heading that is powerful and creates a positive impact on the viewer.

Use this space to jot down the value you add to an organization professionally. These 120 characters can make or break your search results on LinkedIn. Think of it from the viewers point of view. Or perhaps someone who is searching for desirable skills.

Are they likely to search for “Executive Assistant at XYZ company” in the search bar or “Executive Assistant”, “Senior Management Support”, “Operations Assistant”, “Office Management”?

Always remember, in any social media like LinkedIn, you do your own publicity. Having a power-packed heading is one sure way to market yourself better.

Now, last but not the least, your LinkedIn profile should and MUST reflect who you are as a professional. So, while it is really great that you take the time and effort to keep a trendy LinkedIn profile, do ensure that you devote as much time to better your professional life as well. Stay true to yourself and follow your work-ethics and I’m sure everyone can achieve their dreams.

After all, there is no shortcut to success!!

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